23 January 2022,   09:19
Production of biological products in Georgia will be completely exempt from taxes - Mamuka Bakhtadze


"My personal objective is to step out of step-by-step exempt from taxes the sector which will be able to produce biological products in Georgia.All the steps we will take in the environmental policy at the central and municipal level will be a part of common strategy and overall vision. Therefore, we must step by step toughen the environmental standards and bring it closer to European ones, - Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia, said when introducing a new environmental concept "Green Economics " to the members of the government in Kojori on July 27.

As he noted, one of the main focus of "green economy" will be agriculture and in autumn the government will present a policy according to which agriculture in Georgiawill have the lowest taxes.

"As you know, the process of harmonizing the legislation with the European norms has been strated and in the next few years more clear and concrete steps should be taken to prevent air, soil and water pollution, waste management and the sustainable managment of biodiversity, ecosystems and natural resources," the Prime Minister said.
According to him, it"s essential to create air protection effective programs for urban cities.
"Specific obligations and recommendations will be defined for each state agency, including private sector in order to improve the atmospheric air condition in Georgia as fast as possible. I would like to tell you that starting from August 1, we are launching introduction of European standards air quality enabling us to assess atmospheric air quality throughout the country using contemporary and European standards, "Bakhtadze said.