23 January 2022,   21:30
Bloody confrontation in Kojori military unit - 4 military servicemen injured

The first comment on the incident that occurred in Kojori military unit was made by Irakli Berbarashvili, deputy head of the Military Police Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

The colonel says the physical confrontation between the militants took place at 6 o"clock. Four soldiers were taken to a medical facility.

"At 6 o"clock there was a physical confrontation between military servicemen, they were taken with injuries in hospitals. 4 military servicemen were injured. They have injuries. The investigation is at the initial stage, "said Irakli Berberashvili, adding that at this stage he can not talk about other details.

Irakli Berbarashvili confirms that the physical confrontation was preceded by a conflict between the militaries that turned into bloody confrontation.

According to Colonel, it is not confirmed at this stage of the investigation that military servicemen were under alcoholic influence.