23 January 2022,   22:29
As I remember, I have not discussed this issue with Mirza Subeliani - Shotaadze on Merabishvili"s case

A Minister of Internal Affairs and a former Chief Prosecutor are being questioned at the sitting of the Investigation Commission regarding the murder that took place on Khorava Street.

One of the main questions of commission members is the involvement of Mirza Subeliani, the former high ranking official of the Prosecutors" Office in the murder of teenagers. In particular One of the members of the commission- Otar Kakhidze addressed the former Chief Prosecutor Irakli Shotadze with a  question and recalled him the episode of the ex-Interior Minister"s withdrawal from his prison cell.

Kakhidze was interested in whether or not Mirza Subeliani was informed about the case of Vano Merabishvili.

"When you were investigating this case, did you have a conversation with a former head of the General Inspection of the Ministry of Corrections, Subeliani who was already your employee? Did you meet him and talked about Merabishvili"s case?" Kakhidze told Irakli Shotaadze.
Kakhidze"s question was incomprehensible to the former Chief Prosecutor. Shotaadze did not understand what was the link between these two different criminal cases.