28 January 2022,   00:11
Evacuation announced in Mleta - flooded Aragvi changed its bed and destroyed dams

The natural disaster in Georgia - evacuation was announced in Mleta, residents of the river Aragvi coast are evacuated from their homes.

The flooded Aragvi changed its bed and destroyed dams. Floods have caused the landslide.

According to locals, they have been facing this danger for years , however, the municipality has not carred out coast protection works. The locals call on the authorities to ensure their accommodation.

Zurab Sekhniashvili, the mayor of Dusheti personally warned locals about the expected threat and asked them to leave the territory. According to Sekhniashvili, it is reported that rains are expected in the next two days and evacuation of locals is necessary.

Sekhniashvili says that special equikpment is workng in the Aragvi gorge and they are trying to get the river back to its bed.

The locals do not intend to leave their homes, so Zurab Sekhniashvili remains with them.

The tourists were evacuated from the Truso valley where the landslide was damaged. Seven groups of tourists were in isolation for several hours today. Rescuers have helped foreign nationals. There are no more tourists in the Truso gorge.

The water level in the river Aragvi will increase and the danger is approaching. Eight families face threat in the valley.