28 January 2022,   00:07
"Dangerous Statements that May Cost Georgia a lot" -Third Sector Responds to Several Statement on August War

Dangerous statements that might cost Georgia a lot in the International Court of Justice - so the NGOs respond to statements made by political candidates about the August war. The third sector releases a special statement signed by six members of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court and other NGOs.

"The statements made by the politicians on the 10th anniversary of the August war, having pre-election or other political goals,according to which it was Georgia that launched the war in 2008 are particularly dangerous. It is dangerous when the crimes committed during the August war are being investigated by the International Criminal Court. At the same time, the Russian Federation does not cooperate with the court, which further complicates the investigation process and the establishment of the truth about the case. In this situation, it is unacceptable, to speculate with the issue of 2008 war in presidential elections . This may cause irreparable damage to the war-affected persons for execution of justice. Similar political assessments are in compliance with the Russian propaganda, "- says a joint statement of non-governmental organizations.