27 January 2022,   23:49
4 liters of blood lost - deceased woman"s family blames doctors for negligence

A 35-year-old pregnant woman died in maternity house "Nino". According to the available information, the woman started bleeding after two hours of delivery and was taken to Gudushauri clinic after health conditions had deteriorated but doctors could not save her.

There was confrontation between doctors of Maternity house "Nino" and family members of a deceased woman. The relatives of the deceased woman accuse the maternity administrator and doctors for negligence.

Family members say that the premature labour was started artificially which caused the death of their daughter. After childbirth, she died of bleeding.

According to them, they did not have blood transfusions in the maternity home, which is why they needed to transfer the patient to Gudushauri Clinic. The young woman had lost 4 liters of blood, and the doctors could not do anything and died she at the Gudushauri hospital lift.