27 January 2022,   23:44
Drug policy does not help the users and, on the contrary, is harmful to them - HRW research

According to Human Rights Watch, drug policy in Georgia is still repressive and should be changed.

The authoritative international organization has been preparing a rep[ort for the last two years and has descibed the current challenges as well as specific recommendations.
Rachel Daniels, deputy director of Europe-Central Asia Division of Human Rights Watch speaks repressive drug politics in Georgia. According to him, the current drug policy is harmful to consumers.

"Narcopolitics does not help the users and, on the contrary, is harmful to them, consumers get in prison, which is even more serious trauma for them, and they have to pay a big penalty for personal consumption. The result is that families are injured, they are forced to pay penalties and often lose their homes, and in addition, the police often have to conduct without any ground thousands of drugs tests, "- Rachel Denberse said.

Giorgi Gogia, Director of the Human Rights Watch South Caucasus Representative, speaks about the necessity of decriminalization of personal consumption and keeping of drugd in small amounts. According to him, the amount of doses is not yet defined, which is a very important problem.

Guram Imnadze, coordinator of the "Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center", says that tightening of drug policy can not help reduce drug users.

According to him, there are some examples in the world that, on the contrary, liberalization bore a positive result in reducing the number of consumers.