20 January 2022,   09:47
You are impolite, I will detain you now for not obeying," police officer tells the young man

Whether the police have exceeded the authority - the Ministry of Internal Affairs started to investigate the video footage spread in the social network. The incident occurred late last night in Kavtaradze Street in Tbilisi when law enforcers stopped two young men and requested them to present their identity documents.

The protest of young people was followed by attempts to transfer them to the police station.

"You"re impolite and rude, I will detain you now for not obeying,"- the police officer told the young man.

The person who had been involved in the incident with the police and switched on Facebook Live" spoke to the "Courier". Davit Gugeshashvili recalled the incident of last night. According to him, the law enforcers who did not wear a policeman`s uniform, were trying to shoot his and his friend`s picture, and when he refused it was followed by policemen`saggression.

Gugeshashvili assumes that the law enforcers were drunk during the accident.