22 October 2020,   08:35
Court sentences Otar Partskhaladze to five thousand GEL bail

The court has sentenced Otar Partskhaladze to five thousand GEL bail - this statement was made by Gaga Mosiashvili, the attorney of Partskhaladze. Partskhaladze has been charged with beating former Chief Auditor Lasha Tordia.

The incident occurred last year in El Centro, when Partskhaladze physically assaulted Lasha Tordia, the General Auditor.

According to Partskhaladze"s lawyer, the examination result is a ground for submitting the charges. The attorney said that the absurdity of the allegation will be confirmed in the court.

"We already have the opportunity to look into the case materials, because we are already the side," Mosiashvili said.

According to Gagi Mosiashvili, Otar Partskhaladze is a victim of provocation.