22 May 2024,   18:33
Journalist of Radio Liberty not allowed to enter Georgia - Aslanbek Dadayev connects the incident with his journalistic activity

Radio Liberty Correspondent links her journalistic activities to the fact of not being allowed to enter Georgia.

Chechen bureau journalist Aslanbek Dadayev was returned to Larsi check-point and told that the reason is the inconsistency with the legislation.

The journalist says that during the previous visit he recorded an interview with Malkhaz Machalikashvili. He was in Pankisi where he was being watched. According to Aslanbek Dadayev, his documents were in full order and he visited Georgia several times before.

"I am sure it is related to my journalistic activities. Two months ago I came to work in Georgia, rented a flat where I lived and then returned to Chechnya and I came back to Georgia two weeks ago, but I was not allowed to enter. I took one more attempt yesterday. At the checkpoint of Georgia, I was given an official document, which stated that I was not allowed to enter the country, the named reason was the inconsistency with the Georgian legislation .

I work on the subject of the North Caucasus on the Chechens issue and any other issue that is close to this issue, I do not know what they did not like.

The MIA explained that Dadayev was refused to enter Georgia in accordance with the law "On the Legal Status of Aliens and Stateless Persons".