22 May 2024,   18:59
Torture cells that were called "vandalers" - scandalous letter to "Courier" from Rustavi No. 6 prison

The torture cells, which prisoners call "vandalers"- a scandalous letter sent by a prisoner to "Courier" from Rustavi No. 6 establishment about the inhuman treatment and psychological torture.

Prisoner Giorgi Marsagishvili accuses the administration and director of the penitentiary establishment N 6 of torture and inhuman treatment. In a 10-page letter, the convict describes the so-called Vandalers - or cells where as he claims the convicts are kept hungry without drinking water and where they do not receive medical assistance even after the request.

In the letter he speaks about psychological pressure and other methods of torture against convicts. According to him, rapid and sharp change of temperature is used in torture cells, which causes colds or other serious illnesses. Prisoner Marsagishvili argues that using these methods prisoners are tortured daily.

According to the prisoner, so called Vandalers are under 24-hour video monitoring regime. The convict Marsagishvili addressed the relevant agencies for the reaction but in vain.

According to Margashvili, director of the institution Shota Trapaidze is a relative of Bidzina Ivanishvili"s wife and is supported by the leader of "Dream".

The lawyer of the convicts also speak about the violations of prisoners" rights. According to them, the administration ignores the prisoners" demands and prohibits social workers to spread the information from the prison.

The Rustavi Public Defender"s Office is studying the situation in Rustavi establishment N 6 already based on the letter of the convict Giorgi Marsagishvili.

The special penitentiary service, which is accountable to Minister Tea Tsulukiani, the prisoner"s accusations are denied.