22 May 2024,   03:13
I am ready to answer any question, even though I do not trust this investigation - Zaza Saralidze was summoned for questioning

Zaza Saralidze is summoned to the Vake-Saburtalo police station at 11:00 am today. According to Saralidze, the summoning is linked to the spread of his personal information by the City Hall and the threatening letters. In the coming days, Saralidze is going to file a complaint against one of the citizens of the Investigative Office, who accused him of the businessman Bondo Shalikian"s personal tragedy. Saralidze says that despite everything he is ready to cooperate with the investigation.

"I am ready to answer any questions and cooperate with the investigation, even though I do not trust them. We will address Adjara regional prosecutor"s office as well. Or the General Prosecutor"s Office. One of the persons living there who accused me of the former businessman, Bondo Shalikian"s tragedy, "Zaza Saralidze said.