22 May 2024,   02:37
"The CEC has made not a legal decision but political one- opposition objects to the date of the second tour

The CEC has made a decision at the dictate of the government - this is the assessment of the opposition on the date of the second round of elections. Opposition parties say that in the middle of the week a part of the voters who are registered in the regions will not be able to reach the polling stations. In addition, emigrants will not be able to participate in the elections.

"The CEC has adopted a decision based not on legal but on political basis. This decision will create problems for our immigrants who want to participate in the elections and we see that in the first round many obstacles were made to our emigrants not to take part in the elections, "- said Levan Bezhashvili.

The decision of the Central Election Commission that the second round of the elections will be held on November 28 is called shameful by "European Georgia."