17 June 2024,   08:37
Court Refused Unified Opposition - Judge did not satisfy opposition"s claim regarding date of second round

The City Court did not satisfy the United Opposition"s complaint regarding the date of elections. The judge has recently announced the decision. According to the judge, the law provides a clarification that the second round of the elections should be held within 14 days after publishing of the summary protocol of the first round , so the judge did not see the violation n the CEC decision.

The United Opposition demanded the change of the election date on the ground that the voting process in the middle of the week would limit the choice of citizens. In addition, the opposition accuses the Central Election Commission of violating the law.

"It is unfortunate that the court did not have the power to take responsibility and clarify the articles of the electoral code so to ensure realization of universal principles for the electorate and grant to all the voters the possibility to express free will in the free election environment in Georgia," - Levan Bezhashvili said.
The City Court has received a similar decision yesterday on the appeal of the representatives of "European Georgia".