27 October 2020,   17:13
Otherwise I think that this is a targeted discrimination against my personality - mother Sidonia responds to the statement of the Patriarchate

"Otherwise I  think that this is a targeted discrimination against my personality," -Mother of Sidonia responded to the statement made by the Georgian Patriarchate.

The statement reads that Sidonia Kachiashvili, a nun who is awarded by the Tolerance Center at the Public Defender"s Office, does not live a monastic life and is neither a member of the Georgian Church.

The Patriarch"s statement also highlighted that the nun received great schema in Greece and in general questioned whether Mother Sidonia fulfills her church obligations.

Mother Sidonia says it is unethical that the statement focuses on her health.

"Either the information is inaccurate or unavailable. Anyone who wrote this letter, I think that he has wrong information or otherwise that is targeted discrimination against my personality. For me it was a bit stressful and not ethical, as it focused on my health, which overwhelmed the rest of the contents of the letter. As for the topic itself, when awarding the prize, nobody said that this was the nun of the Georgian Patriarchate. It was said that this is an Orthodox nun in Georgia. I am a Georgian citizen. received a big schema in the Greek church, but does this mean that I am not Orthodox ", said Mother Sidonia.