26 May 2024,   09:24
Scandal of fake IDs - Chairman of State Services Development Agency is in Prosecutor"s Office

Chairperson of the State Services Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice is being questioned at the Chief Prosecutor"s Office. Soso Giorgadze arrived in the Investigative Office a few minutes ago.

Giorgadze will be questioned regarding the statement made by NGO representatives, according to which the printing of false ID cards for the second round of elections is planned.

Soso Giorgadze is one of those whom the third sector representatives named as the participant of the process. It was said at the special meeting that he was obliged to supervise printing of fake ID cards, together with the head of the audit office of the same agency.

The chairman of the State Services Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice denies that a meeting where such a topic was discussed and where he received specific assignments has been held. According to him, during the period about which the NGOs spoke, he was in Indonesia.

"From 5 to 10 November I was in Jakarta. Indonesia"s capital, where I met Indonesia"s Vice President. I also met Indonesia"s Minister of Reforms. I heard Eka Gigauri"s announcement today that there was a meeting in this period when I received the order. This can be verified. It was reported that these documents were printed in order to provide fake documents for people who would later vote. For the first round the CEC was given a list of voters where there were 3 558 437 citizens, and subsequently for the second tour the final list included 3 561 983 citizens. The difference is only about 3500, "Soso Giorgadze said.