22 May 2024,   04:36
Public Defender releases statement on investigation of "Khorava Street" case

The Public Defender has spread a statement about the investigation of the murder on "Khorava Street", going on for a year on the murder of minor Davit Saralidze . The Public Defender expresses concern that the public and victims have no answers to many questions yet.
According to the statement, the Public Defender has found that the investigation of the murder of juveniles has not been effective. According to the Public Defender`s assessment, the state did not conduct urgent and reasonable investigative actions to obtain evidence and, therefore, according to her position , there were traces of alleged offense by the persons responsible for the investigation.

The Public Defender calls on the Chief Prosecutor"s Office:
1. At the end of each month to present to the public the results of the ongoing official inspection as well as the information about the measures taken to overcome the deficiencies mentioned in the report of the Parliamentary Investigative Commission and the Public Defender"s proposa ;
2. The Public Defender"s Office asks to be given an opportunity to periodically familiarize with the current official inspection materials;
"The presented requirements serve the legitimate aim of execution of accountability to the public and public control of the law enforcement agencies,"- says the statement.