17 June 2024,   05:29
Davit Kirkitadze is detained - MIA does not rule out that the circle of defendants will be expanded

The Ministry of Internal Affairs gave explanations about the detention of the UNM member Davit Kirkitadze. According to the head of the criminal police, yesterday opposition leaders and their supporters committed many offenses, including violence against policemen, when 10 law enforcement officers were injured.
According to Lado Bortsvadze, a member of the UNM Davit Kirkitadze, who is accused of committing one of such acts According to him, investigation has continued into numerous incidents that occurred yesterday and he has not excluded that the circle of defendants will be expanded.
"More than 10 police officers were seriously injured by the violent actions of demonstrators, as well as the equipment owned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which cost tens of thousands of GEL was damaged.The Ministry of Internal Affairs has begun a detailed study of the incident after defusing the situation. Investigation has begun on several facts of criminal offenses. The investigation was launched on the fact of the attack on one of the participants of the demonstration Shota Dalakishvili.
Within the scope of the investigation Kakheti police department detained the Davit Kirkitadze, the supporter of the United Opposition, based on the Judge"s ruling under Article 353 of the Criminal Code for physical assault and property damage of the police at the rally held in Velistsikhe on December 16. The investigation continues, all the necessary actions are being conducted. Study of video footage is underway and it is not excluded that the circle of defendants will be extended , "- Lado Bortsvadze said.
According to the head of the criminal police, the members of the United Opposition were trying to disrupt the inauguration, which was why special measures had been taken. However, he said that the opposition leaders were not restricted by the police. They indicated a specific route which they refused to use.