17 June 2024,   04:20
Salaries of kindergarten teachers will not increase next year

Salaries of Kindergarten teachers will not increase next year. The Tbilisi government has approved the 2019 budget, but the amount of money for the caregivers is not included in the main financial document.
The Opposition will protest this issue in the Tbilisi City Hall today, where the last sitting of the year will be held.
Issues on financing social projects and leasing facilities will be discussed at today"s sitting as well.
"This is a fictitious session where nothing important will be discussed,"- says levan Khabeishvili, the member of United National Movement.

Davit Zhghenti, the Deputy Chairperson of Tbilisi City Council Faction "European Georgia - Tbilisi" says that salaries will not increase for janitors and machinists as well.
Levan Zhorzholiani, a member of Tbilisi City Council faction "Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia" says that there are some rules and that is why the salary of kindergarten teachers cannot be increased.