22 April 2024,   16:06
Threats from the Interior Minister, blackmail from National Bank, fight with KGB methods - Khazaradze responds on questions regarding TBC Bank

A question - who is behind the attack on the TBC Bank is answered - the TBC Bank founder told the parliament today that he had received a threat letter from the Minister of Interior Affairs, who threatened him to destroy the reputation.

Khazaradze also said that he had informed representatives of the Prosecutor"s office about the threat, but they had no additional questions and no investigation had been launched.

Asked by a member of the parliamentary minority, what is the content of the letter, Khazaradze says that there are specific conditions in the letter and if they will not be fulfilled the Minister threatens him with the destruction of the reputation.

Khazaradze says that he and his teammates do not intend to fulfil the requirements of the Interior Minister.

Khazaradze promises to bring the fight to the end.

He also speaks about the meeting with the President of the National Bank and the letters received from the bank.

The founder of the TBC Bank says that the National Bank was blackmailing him and asking to leave his position in the Bank and the Supervisory Council.

According to Khazaradze, he did not leave his position due to pressure and it was the only way to save the bank.