27 October 2020,   16:57
Suspended social assistance - mother of four minor children asks for help

Social assistance has been stopped for the mother who is bringing up four minor children alone. Her only income was the social allowance until January 19, 2019, which she received as a mother of a large family. However, when Rusudan Zaalishvili had a fourth child,the social allowance was suspended since the social agency said that the program needed to be renewed and she could not get the help.
Rusudan Zaalishvili has been waiting for social assistance for three months already.4 minor children live without food, clothing, toys and elementary conditions. The family asks for help from the government.The social service agency is familiar with the condition of Rusudan Zaalishvili. It said that the rating points needed to be updated from time to time and this family got included in the list of the data base cleaning.