11 July 2020,   21:06
" I had such thoughts , but I won"t do it. I respect Georgia," - Machalikashvili is ready to go to the State Security Service

Malkhaz Machalikashvili is ready to visit the State Security Service. He haschanged his position recently.

As Makhalikashvili explains, he did not know that he was summoned to the State Security Service to be interrogated regarding the alleged planning of a terrorist act.

Machalikashvili also says he had a desire to take revenge, but he never thought of doing this because he respects the country and the law.

"I had such idea many times, but I resist it. I have a power, vecayse I feel support from Georgian population. I will not be able to do it. But Me, Vainakh , am a Chechen man and my son was killed at my house, I hade lost my only son. I have a dignity but I respect Georgia and I want to punish this man lawfully.

I"m not afraid of prison, I will fight from jail," said Malkhaz Machalikashvili.