29 May 2022,   09:07
"What Zugdidi district from other constituencies is physical clashes" - Salgan Saladze

The chairperson of the Georgian Young Lawyers" Association (GYLA) made a statement about the fact that Zugdidi district is distinguished from other districts are physical conflicts. GYLA is one of the organizations that is observing mid-term elections. Sulkhan Saladze talks about the violations that the observers of GYLA have observed by this time.
According to him, the most damaging are physical clashes that can cause the slowdown of voter activity.
One more thing that Sulkhan Saladze talked about is the voter"s lists that coordinators have. The chairperson of the "Young Lawyers Association" states that this is an indirect influence on the freedom of the voters.
Sulkhan Saladze responded to the evidence submitted by the opposition on the facts of transfer of money to the voters. According to the Georgian Young Lawyers Association, it is necessary to study such facts.The chairperson of the Georgian Young Lawyers" Association says that the observer of the organization has observed the violation in Marneuli where people who had been marked were able to vote again at the polling station.