25 June 2022,   12:45
Another bloody confrontation between the pupils of the 51st school - the twelfth graders confronted each other

A fight between teenagers - A confrontation took place in the 51 public schools, where the confrontation between juveniles a year ago ended with the murder of two teenagers. 12th grader students confronted each other. The incident took place in the schoolyard about an hour ago.

Nor the bailiff, neither the Ministry of Education know what has become the reason for the confrontation among the classmates. The director of the school does not answer phone calls as well.
The locals say that neighbours involved in the process and stopped the teenagers. Reportedly similar facts often occur between pupils of the school # 51.

"Happened what usually happens in this damn school. Every day the same. It is impossible. Where was police? They came just now,"- says one of the witnesses.