15 August 2020,   01:29
Strong rain and flooding in Norio - yards and basements are flooded

Heavy Rain and flood in Norio - As a result of heavy rains, the water from the rural irrigation channel flooded yards of the local population.

Local residents say they have addressed the government with the request of repairing damaged channels several times but in vain.

"We have informed the local government in Martkopi , in Norio, everybody refuses. No one does anything. This happened four times already, "says one of the residents of Norio.

In the village of Norio, the plants are destroyed, yards are flooded and water is in the basements.

" Everything we had is destroyed. We had everything - cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, "said another local.

The representatives of the government arrived at the site today and promised to pay the damage to the population.