18 September 2020,   23:36
A sexual relationship with a minor mother, accused of killing her son - Father of the deceased child may be detained

An Investigation has begun on the fact of sexual intercourse with a juvenile mother who is accused of killing her son. Londa Toloraia, the director of the Human Rights Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, says that the issue of the victim"s father"s legal responsibility may raise.

Toloraia explains that the girl who was arrested for murdering the child was pregnant at the age of 15.

Sexual relation with her was a crime and punishable under Article 140 of the Criminal Code. The crime envisages from 7 to 9 years of imprisonment.

The tragedy occurred in Aghayan some days ago. A 7-month-old child was found dead in his own bed. Law enforcers arrested a minor mother for murdering her son.