11 August 2020,   10:36
"I have not testified yet," -Ioseb Gogashvili

Ioseb Gogashvili has not been interrogated so far on the special operation in Pankisi Gorge, during which 19-year-old Temirlan Machalikashvili was killed by .
Despite the fact that a year and a half has passed since the special operation in Pankisi, Gogashvili has not been interrogated by the Prosecutor"s Office.
In an interview with Saturday Courier, the former senior State Security official said that he has not been interrogated by investigative agencies either on the Pankisi Special Operations or Machalikashvili`s case regarding the intent of terrorist act.
"I have not testified yet. The prosecutor"s office has its own plan. I can not interfere and bother them with regard to this plan , "- said Gogashvili.