12 August 2020,   10:50
Zaza Sarlidze"s first comment on the detention of Mikheil Kalandia

Davit Saralidze"s father makes the first comment makes a comment on the detention of Mikheil Kalandadze. According to him, the corresponding agencies have finally decided to establish the truth about the case and Mikheil Kalandia was detained.

However, Zaza Saralidze says that now the Prosecutor"s Office should prove Mikhail Kalandia"s involvement in the crime, that"s why he does not think that the fight is over.

The father of the murdered teenager says that there still are a lot of inadequacies in the investigation.

" A serious step was taken today. I would like to thank representatives of the agency, which has finally decided that the truth should be established, "Zaza Saralidze said.