27 January 2022,   18:18
Blow on big businesses - the Gold list is canceled, businessmen should pay millions of lari in 5 days

The gold list has been canceled and the privileges regarding customs clearance for up to 300 major companies have been annulled. In the middle of the fiscal year, the government"s decision created new problems for businesses. The problem of cash liquidity has emerged, and the business should get millions in five days required for customs clearance of imported goods. It has created a feeling that the state changes the rules of the game whenever it wants and how it wants and upsets the business environment without asking anything about it. At the moment, the businessmen are meeting with the Finance Minister and asking for a compromise.
"It totally changes, puts upside down our business model. In this case, of course, we have to cut costs, and how can we reduce the costs? We should reduce costs by reducing employees by cutting down products, and so on ", - said Iva Khasia, a representative of "JTI Tobacco".
Businessmen are wondering why the government has made the decision hastily so that communication with them has not been held. Representatives of large companies are demanding the suspension of this decision.
"Our main requirement is that this decision should be stopped at least until consultations with the business are not held and we do not know why this decision was adopted in such a haste. It requires the accumulation of enormous amounts in a very short period of time for which business is not ready, "said Zviad Skhvitaridze, director of legal and corporative affairs of
"American Tobacco ".
Businessmen think that the government should try to expand the golden list and not on the contrary. In this case, the business will develop which means more new jobs.
Business Ombudsman is also attending the meeting. Irakli Lekvinadze said that more communication was needed before making a decision. He hopes that the meeting will end with concrete results."More communication was needed and I think the meeting will be very effective," said Irakli Lekvinadze