07 August 2020,   08:45
21 out of 28 people detained at the government administration were released, 7 remain in the isolator

21 of the detainees have been released on their own recognizance, while 7 – remain in the administrative detention facility.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs has released information about it. According to the MIA, they showed aggression against peaceful participants, their supporters, and journalists. Law enforcers now study the video footage of the incident.
"Yesterday, in the course of the demonstration, law enforcers detained 28 participants of the protest rally for resistance to the police and petty hooliganism. The Ministry is studying in details the video materials reflecting each incident taking place during the demonstration and each incident will be given legal assessment in the shortest possible terms. Here we want to inform the public that the fight against crimes involving discrimination and their effective investigation is one of the priorities of the Interior Ministry. Threat of violence are unacceptable. The Ministry has been responded to each fact and will respond in the future as well. Every offense will be immediately prevented. In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as the agency responsible for law and order, calls on citizens to observe the requirements of law during any meeting. Otherwise, the Ministry will act within its mandate", the Interior Ministry statement reads.