07 August 2020,   08:08
Levan Vasadze releases a statement containing threats and hate speech

Levan Vasadze will introduce the action plan to the society tomorrow in Vere Garden. The businessman has spread the statement via the Internet and called on everybody to assemble at Vere Park at 20:00. Levan Vasadze makes an announcement containing hate speech and openly threatens the LGBT community.
Vasadze started the attack on the diplomatic corps and noted that the representatives of the embassies demanded permission to conduct "Tbilisi Pride" during the meeting with the clergy. However, according to him, the priests did not take into consideration their request and after the meeting, the Patriarchate issued a statement calling on the authorities not to allow the "Tbilisi Pride".
"Unprecedented pressure, which is carried out on our state and on our church, will not end. Yesterday was a wonderful example of interference in the internal affairs of our country, "- said the businessman.
The businessman responds to the developments in government administration and says that the mobilized society has not allowed the LGBT community to hold the rally and announces that he will not allow it in the future. According to Vasadze, yesterday the situation was very hard. Levan Vasadze"s criticism was also directed to law enforcers, as the businessman estimates they did not allow the contractors to breach the cordon and some of them were detained because of the attempt.