21 January 2022,   11:42
My son is a political prisoner - father of DG who was arrested on the murder of Khorava Street

My son is a political prisoner - this statement was made by D.G."s younger brother, detained on the murder of teenagers in Khorava Street. Kakha Glonti was present at the Prosecutor General"s Office today where the lawyer of the juvenile filed a lawsuit against the prosecutors.
The father of a minor convicted for giving false testimony on the murder of Khorava Street says that the criminal prosecution of the case proceeded with the wrong and fraudulent evidence from the beginning.
"My son is a political prisoner. Prosecutors gave a false testimony directly at the court. We have proof of this, "said Kakha Glonti, father of the detainee.
DG"s family and lawyer are demanding to prosecute the prosecutors"of the case. If the investigating agency does not react to their demands, the family will start permanent protest actions.