31 October 2020,   03:23
At the rally two people lost their eyes, one of them is Rustavi 2"s employee

The injured in the process of dispersal are placed in different clinics. The riot police aimed the bullets in the face and in the head. Two people have lost their eyes.
Giorgi Sulashvili is one of the employees of "Rustavi 2". Doctors could not maintain his vision despite the surgery. He has lost his eye and has fractured jaw bones. The bullet was shot at Tamar Baghashvili. She has a bone fracture. Dozens of bullets hit the "Courier" operators. The number of injuries is so high that the authorities can not publish official data yet.
"In total, 240 patients were transferred to the clinics. Among them are about 80 policemen. There are currently 102 patients in clinics, including "New Hospital", up to 18 patients, among which two patients have lost eyes. Also, the condition of one patient is very serious and the current operation is underway with two patients, "said Avtandil Talakvadze, Director of Emergency Situations Coordination and Urgent Assistance Center. According to doctors, nine surgeries have already been made. Most of these are jaw-face lesions and eye surgeries.
Physicians do not rule out that the number of operations will increase. Patients have injuries in the abdomen and legs.
According to the Deputy Minister of Health, most of the victims have injuries in the face area. According to Zaza Bokhua, two patients are undergoing surgery at this moment.