12 August 2022,   09:25
Tbilisi will have new buses - Kakhi Kaladze talks about the regulation of public transport

Kakhi Kaladze discussed about the future projects of Tbilisi. One of the main issue was transportation reform.
The Mayor talked about the planned projects together with the municipality staff and handed them salutation diplomas for their work.
According to Tbilisi Mayor, incorrect information was distributed to the people about the micro buses. According to him, distribution of public transport will be implemented by the single system.
"İncorrect information was spread about the micro buses path plan. Micro buses will be distributed with the unified system and the suburb and central district will not be separated. The 18 and 24 meter buses will be imported in the capital. Of course, the appropriate bands and infrastructure will be arranged for them, so these buses can easily move around," - said Kakhi Kaladze.