12 August 2022,   09:52
According to the Ministry of Health, safety norms were violated in the construction of Dolabauri Street

According to the current information, the construction worker in Dolabauri Street, Tbilisi, was not an adult. The teenager started work on the site a few days ago. He fell into an elevator shaft and died. The body is in prosection.
According to the Ministry of Health, labour inspectorate will conduct investigation and details will be known in the nearest future. According to the preliminary data, safety rules were violated on the construction site.
"An accident occurred today, which caused the death of the employee. The Labor Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health has not studied place before. The inspection is underway, according to the primary data that I have at this time safety norms were violated," - said Beka Peradze, Head of the Labor Conditions Inspection Department.
According to the NGO sector, death of people has become a routine among our society at the workplaces, and the way out is the real protection of labour safety standards.
"Tragedies and deaths of people have become a routine for the Georgian society, full responsibility owns Georgian government. The hardest fact is that the person who died was a teenager. The fact is that the Labor Inspectorate did not make any inspection. There should be a control mechanism and the mechanism of execution, which we talked about, " - said the lawyer Irakli Kupradze.
Parliament adopted the Law on Labor Safety in February 2019. About 70 companies in Tbilisi were inspected and more than 60 critical inconsistencies occurred in the construction places, " - Beka Peradze said.
Representatives of the construction site are in the police station for the interrogation. The Ministry of Health has stopped building process in Dolabauri Street.