12 August 2022,   10:43
Lavrov"s ultimatum on Rustavi 2 one day before the announcement of the Strasbourg"s decision is not accidental - Mirotadze

Russian ultimatum - the opposition asks the governing team to react adequately. Ani Mirotadze, the former member of the ruling party, says that the government should understand that this is Lavrov"s ultimatum for a sovereign country.

As she states, it can not be casualty that Lavrov made this statement a day before the announcement of the decision of the Strasbourg Court on Rustavi 2.

"They use the language of ultimatum in relation to the sovereign country. I guess the government understands what it means and how they should act in this case. It is very important that one day is left before the decision of Strasbourg. It does not seem to me that it is accidental and I think that it coincides in time for a reason. Today this announcement serves to influence certain priorities.

The ongoing developments in the country are the internal affairs of our country and I hope they are well aware that they should not interfere in our internal affairs, "said Ani Miratadze.