12 August 2022,   10:36
10 Years from the August War and the conditions of the Victims in Georgia - NGOs call to the government to enhance their effort

10 years from the August War and the conditions of the victims in Georgia. Non-governmental organizations are discussing about the challenges during the investigation of the International Criminal Court.
Special report prepared by the five organizations, the main part is the recommendations. The civil sector calls to the Georgian authorities for more actions.
"The authorities should be more active and organized to be ensured that the state is properly represented in this important arena and we can prove our truth about the processes of August 2008," - said Sulkhan Saladze.
According to Mr Saladze, refugees think that after the end of the investigation of the International Criminal Court they will return to their homes in the occupied regions, which is wrong. Saladze thinks that the government should make intense communication with people.
Former Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili states that thousands of people are in the heaviest conditions. They are frustrated, because more than ten years have passed and the conditions have not changed.
"There are no results of the investigation and due to the recent processes people are frustrated," - Nanuashvili said.
According to the Public Defender Nino Lomjaria, the condition of refugees in Georgia and the state of people in the occupied territories is getting worse day-by-day. According to Lomjaria, the government is able to take an active steps in the international arena but does not act respectively.
Former Defense Minister Tina Khidasheli says that the biggest threat is insufficient investigation. According to her, the authorities should do their best to put the defendants on the chair who committed genocide of Georgian people in the occupied regions.