20 August 2022,   05:30
Their purpose is to neutralize Malkhaz Machalakashvili - Giorgi Olkiev does not exclude detention

Their purpose is to neutralize Malkhaz Machalikashvili - says Mr. Malchikashvili"s friend, Giorgi Olkiev, who is summoned for interrogation today. Olkiev will be questioned at the Central Criminal Department in the frames of the investigation launched on June 20-21events.
This is not the first time when he will be asked questions about the bloody night of 20 June. Prior to that, Olkiev was in the Prosecutor"s Office. He says he is ready for everything, including the detention.
"Morris Machalikashvili was summoned with me. Since morning I have been waiting for a call from the investigator, we will agree on the time, what time will we go there. When I called them ten minutes later, Morris Machalikashvili was already detained without any inquiry. I do not exclude anything from these slaves, I am not afraid, their only goal is to neutralize Malkhaz Machalikashvili, "said George Olkiev.