25 September 2022,   09:47
"Political impotence" - Ugulava assesses imposing responsibility for depreciation of GEL by the government on opposition

"This is nothing more than political impotence " - this is how Gigi Ugulava responds to Lari"s record impairment.
The member of the European Georgia says the authorities are incapable of taking the right economic steps and are trying to avoid responsibility by pointing to the opposition.
"When the government has no ability to take on political responsibility, how can one demand from this government to do something. If the economy is diversified, the sectors of the economy are balanced, not engulfing each other, then the economy and hence the national currency can withstand any shock. That"s what happened when the war with Russia broke out. Neither of these was a real challenge for our country, "- he said.
The GEL has depreciated again. A few minutes ago, the National Bank set a new exchange rate for GEL. The official value of one US dollar was 2.9718 GEL. The current rate was GEL 2.9507. Consequently, the USD exchange rate against the national currency amounted to GEL 0.0211.Maia Tskitishvili, Vice Prime Minister has already blamed the opposition for depreciation of GEL.