29 November 2021,   12:25
"Specific instruments of the National Bank may be unsuccessful" - Experts on the devaluation of GEL

Unprecedented devaluation of the GEL and planned intervention by the National Bank - experts can not make a good forecast. The chairman of the non-governmental organization "Society and Banks" thinks that the actions of the National Bank may not be enough to strengthen the national currency. Giorgi Kepuladze said that the government is trying to avoid responsibility for the difficult economic situation of the country.
"The solution is not interventions, in the end, the solution is to correct foreign exchange inflows. The government often tries to put its responsibilities on the National Bank, or somebody else," - Kepuladze said.
Giorgi Isakadze said that the decision was political and was initiated by the ruling party. According to the specialist, the use of specific instruments by the National Bank may be unsuccessful.
"The National Bank did not intend to make this statement yesterday, this statement is purely political, it is based on the political decisions. The National Bank had no intention of announcing a $ 40 million sale,” - Isakadze said.