02 December 2021,   03:50
Refusal of the founders of the "Rustavi 2" - "Georgian Dream" Becomes Second Government which captured the company

The founders of "Rustavi 2" responded to the offer of Kibar Khalvashi about the shares of 40%. The answer of Jarji Akimidze and David Dvali is NO.
According to them, the authorities have failed to restore justice.
"The authorities did not allow the prosecution"s investigation to identify the victims, the case has been kept on the shelf. The recent offer, meanwhile, means that the government will finally give up on the investigation launched seven years ago and create the illusion of restored justice. We categorically state that we do not intend to complicit in the process of transforming "Rustavi 2" into the state-owned channel. The "Georgian Dream" will go down as the second government tried to capture the "Rustavi 2." Our goal is to recover our deprived rights through legal means and not as a result of backstage negotiations. The State grossly violates Article 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights," - said founders.