23 January 2022,   09:36
Nika Gvaramia"s questioning is completed - Former Director of Rustavi 2 is confident that political prosecution has started against him

Nika Gvaramia"s interrogation lasted for more than 2 hours in the presence of a magistrate judge in the city court.After the questioning, the former director general of Rustavi 2 said the questions were about financial documents and relations with advertising companies. Gvaramia points out that the property of Kibar Khalvashi, which he obtained by the decision of the Georgian and European courts, exceeds by far that of the previous years. Gvaramia says that the founders of Rustavi 2 will start a dispute over Khalvashi"s groundless enrichment.
As for the details of the questioning, Nika Gvaramia"s human rights defender Dimitri Sadzaglishvili says that Nika Gvaramia would not be the addressee of most of the questions asked in the court.
According to Sadzaglishvili, there is reason to suspect that Nino Nizharadze"s lawsuit, based on which the former director of the broadcaster was questioned today, is politically motivated.There is a well-founded suspicion that from the beginning, Nizharadze"s application to the Prosecutor"s Office was aimed creating a case against Nika Gvaramia to use it upon the need, now that the government"s primary aim is to prevent Gvaramia from opening a new TV station, "- says Sadzaglishvili.
According to him, making Nika Gvaramia accountable in this case is impossible. However, the lawyer is convinced that the court"s decision will be politically motivated.
The prosecutor of the case says that Nika Gvaramia was asked all the interesting for the investigation questions . According to Zviad Gubeladze, once the minutes of the session are drawn up, new investigative actions may be planned. He said the investigation is continuing and it will be objective. Gubeladze does not rule out that Nika Gvaramia will be summoned again.