04 July 2022,   03:51
"Mikheil Kalanda wants hearings to be public" - Lawyer of Mikheil Kalandia

The trial of Mikheil Kalandia. Kalandia"s lawyers are focusing on testimony, which they say is indirect, and the evidence does not prove Kalandia"s guilt. The lawyers also demanded hearings be opened.
"Mikheil Kalanda wants hearings to be public. That is because he has nothing to hide from the public," - said Ana Kotetishvili, lawyer of Mikheil Kalandia.
"The point is that there was no desire by any of the parties to close the process, it was legal and that was the protection of the personal data of the juveniles involved in the case," - the prosecutor said.
Mikheil Kalandia was arrested several months ago in connection with the murder of Datuna Saralidze. The trial will continue with the interrogation of witnesses.