27 June 2022,   07:05
Wires and Banners in Gugutiankari - 9 families under the threat of occupation regime

Members of the anti-occupation movement continue patrolling in Gugutiantkari. At this stage, the occupants have stopped erecting of artificial barriers. However, locals fear Russian troops will continue the process of so-called borderisation.
“It"s the same situation, no movement has been noticed yet. If the anti-occupation movement is needed, we are ready to do the same as we did in in Atotsi in Geguti. We are here in Gugutiantkari and we are continuing our observation mission,” - said Mikheil Baliashvili, a member of the anti-occupation movement“ Unity ”.
Russian occupants remain near the occupation line. The erection of artificial barriers has yet to be stopped, but residents do are waiting for the continuation. Citizens are asking for help but there is no response from the government.According to the locals, if the process continues, 9 families will be found behind the wires