08 July 2020,   19:01
"There is no legal seizure in an accelerated manner" - Paaia Salia responds to Ia Kitsmarishvili

Paata Salia, the Director General of Rustavi 2 responds to Ia Kitsmarishvili"s statement. Erosi Kitsmarishvili"s wife appeals to the court with a request to seize the company"s property in an expedited manner, thus avoiding fraudulent transactions.

Paata Salia says there is no such legal explanation as an accelerated seizure. Paata Salia doubts that Erosi Kitsmarishvili"s wife published the statement without consultations with lawyers.

“There is no legal seizure in an accelerated manner. The Court uses seizureas one of the security measures within 24 hours after the appeal. As for Ia Kitsmarishvili"s statement, I think that this statement was prepared without legal consultation. Because it contains terms that are not characteristic for a civil dispute. Talking about fraud. If the fraud had ever been committed by Kibar Khalvashi, the statement had to be done by them already. Kibar Khalvashi appealed to the Prosecutor"s Office in 2008. No other person, not even Akimidze, Dvali or Kitsmarishvili, has appealed to the prosecutor"s office at that time, "Paata Salia said.

Paata Salia said Ia Kitsmarishvili and Kibar Khalvashi had been in communication since the beginning of the dispute, but now that Erosi Kitsmarishvili"s wife accuses the owner of Rustavi 2 of swindling, it is unnecessary to negotiate.