25 November 2020,   16:27
Society is tired of constant scandals and crises - the President releases statement

The President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili has responded to the current developments in the country by releasing the statement in the social network. 

According to the President, the society tired of constant scandals and crises, wants to see the prospect.

“First of all, I want to stress that against this backdrop, against existing tensions and polarization in the country, maintenance of our joint achievement, which is stability, is of critical significance for me and principal requirement of people, and we all must respect this requirement. 

People are tired from endless scandals and crises. They want to see prospects rather than hearing hate speeches and humiliating and caustic remarks. We desperately need peace for the parliamentary elections 2020 so that public will may emerge.  

Democratic countries have different electoral systems - proportional, majoritarian or a combination of the two. We cannot really define either of them more or less democratic. 

Based on the existing political situation, personal ambitions or election plans, different parties give advantage to specific systems in different countries, with the public not being so actively engaged in this process. People want fair elections - this is what it is interested in - and this cannot be otherwise. 

Against this background, when the country is faced with endless tensions and, despite everything, it manages to maintain stability, when the public is healing wounds and, despite callous attacks against the church, it does not fall into depression, introduction or refusal to introduce amendments to the electoral system may not cause strong backlash similar to which we are faced today, since this situation may be used for destabilization.

Our country is in need of active support and assistance from International Community and its own people, especially in consideration of the existing situation at the occupation line. 

We will overcome these difficulties if there is the corresponding political will and if everyone refrains from exacerbating the situation and causing polarization. This is political accountability and this is required from everyone.
I do call upon the Government and the opposition to use all resources to come to an agreement, refine the election code and create all conditions in which fair elections will be held”, - wrote Salome Zourabichvili.