04 July 2022,   03:26
Georgia will have a fully-proportional electoral system in 2024 – Giorgi Gakharia

"The country will have a proportional electoral system from 2024 as envisaged in the constitution," Georgian PM Giorgi Gakharia told journalists after the session at the Georgian Dream office. 

"Once again I will say that a proportional system is a step forward to our democratic development. I consider that it changes the quality of political culture in the country, and this is a decision which we have made and which we wanted to implement. I also want to stress that we will deliver on this promise, and this is envisaged in the constitution; the country will have a proportional electoral system from 2024 as provided for the constitution”, - said Gakharia.

He added that during the meeting in the office of the Georgian Dream the budget of 2020 was also discussed and the questions that the majoritarians had were answered.

“A budget, no matter what happens in our lives, in the political process, a budget is our primary document that deals with everyone and everything. So we talked about the 2020 budget today, there were some questions, especially from the majoritarians. We answered those questions, explained the content of the budget”, - concluded PM.