18 August 2022,   11:43
“Would you like some nice ISIS fighters?” - Trump trolls Macron at NATO summit

In a testy exchange on the sidelines of the NATO summit in London, Donald Trump clashed with Emmanuel Macron about Macron’s criticism of the 70-year-old Western alliance

Asked by a reporter whether Macron had committed to allowing the captured French ISIS fighters to return to his country, Trump said he hadn’t asked.
“Would you like some nice ISIS fighters?” Trump said, turning to Macron. “I could give them to you. You could take every one you want”.
Macron did not appear to be amused.
“Let’s be serious”, - Macron replied. - “A very large number of fighters you have on the ground — ISIS fighters coming from Syria, Iraq and the region. It is true you have foreign fighters coming from Europe, but this is a tiny minority of the overall problem we have”.