14 August 2022,   06:43
It would be unrealistic to say that the parties can immediately find a compromise - Carl Hartzell

Carl Hartzell, Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia thinks that reaching of compromise over election model is not realistic in the nearest future. 

According to him, the EU continues to monitor the process.

“I have not seen and do not know the new offer, which is now being discussed in the Georgian Dream. We will study it in detail. The goal are not ideas. The goal is to build bridges and find compromises. We will evaluate all the initiatives that will be presented. Because I am absolutely convinced that the best way for everyone is to build bridges and to find the necessary compromise. Everything depends on dialogue.

The ruling party and opposition should continue a dialogue to reach an agreement over election system in Georgia. The dialogue should continue so that a compromise is reached. Dialogue is crucial. After the first meeting, I had the feeling that there was a platform and a willingness from both sides to get involved in this process. It would be unrealistic to say that the parties are able to immediately find a compromise and resolve the problem. The parties need to be more restrained. Peaceful expression of opinion must also be ensured. We are following the ongoing process and hope that more bridges will be built than demolished”, - said Hartzell.