12 August 2022,   09:50
Parliamentary committee approves dismissal of opposition MP Nika Melia

The Georgian parliament’s Procedural Issues Committee has approved the suspension of the MP status of United National Movement opposition member Nika Melia following the recent verdict of a court in the high profile Cartu bank case 

Now it is up to the parliament to decide whether or not to dismiss Melia as an MP. According to the regulations, the termination of the MP’s mandate will require the support of at least 76 lawmakers.
Melia is now on bail “for incitement to violence” during the June protests in Tbilisi.
Guram Macharashvili, the Chairman of the Committee, explained that the committee requested a court ruling within 15 days, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, which the Committee examined and found that the guilty verdict has come into force.
Nika Melia himself is sure that the majority of the Parliament will support the termination of his MP mandate.
According to Melia, the Georgian Dream is planning to pull it out of parliament in this way. Independent lawmakers disagree with Melia’s suspension of the mandate. In their view, it is necessary for the upper court to make the appropriate decision.